Maakaf is an online magazine dedicated to creating a discourse around artistic platforms that involve a performing artist – dance, theatre, performance and visual art - focusing especially on cross-platform works, which are situated somewhere in between these artistic fields. Maakaf is a nonprofit organization that doesn’t engage in selection, classification, marketing or critiquing shows, but rather seeks to inspire, raise questions and nurture a culture of an artistic discourse.

Maakaf wishes to freely and dynamically examine the relationship between artistic practices and contemporary cultural and social trends. Maakaf observes local and international works, while focusing in each issue on one topic or a central concept that then becomes the axis from which a discourse begins.

Maakaf was founded in 2010, as a result of the gap between the amount of work being produced, and the artistic discourse that was surrounding it. It began as a collaborative initiative of a few artists, who then approached The School of Visual Theatre to come on board, mainly due to the interdisciplinary, experimental artistic approach both bodies advocate.

Alongside the Editorials, which serve as a platform for an aesthetic, critical discourse, Maakaf also offers an open channel for makers, performers and audience, and provides up-to-date relevant information. In addition, Maakaf initiates and produces artist talks and collaborations with other institutions, which share similar goals and objectives.

We invite readers to take a look at previous issues, offer research topics for our upcoming editions, use our billboard, write to us, and generally speaking – be a part of it all.

Maakaf Editorial Team

Founder: Ran Brown
Editors: Lior Avizoor and Ran Brown
Founding Editorial Team: Guy Gutman, Yaron David, Inbal Yaakobi, Hillel Kogan.
Current Editorial Team: Tammuz Binshtok, Guy Gutman, Hillel Kogan.

Funding Bodies

The School of Visual Theatre is a founding partner of Maakaf as well as a current supporter, who makes it possible for the magazine to continue to be issued while preserving its artistic and thematic freedom and integrity. Haschuna Studio gave its support for the design of the magazine in its initial stages. Since 2012 Maakaf is supported by the Israeli Lottery Arts and Culture Council, as well as via fundraising for various projects.