The Pedagogic Performance

Subjection, Emancipation and Joint Actions

Lior Avizoor & Ran Brown

Performance can provide insight into the ways knowledge is generated through collective endeavors, precisely because it exists in liminal spaces and constant tension.

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Infinite Potential of Possible Selves

Lior Avizoor interviews Xavier Le Roy

About the work "Self Unfinished", methodologies of choreographic work and expectations.

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How to Avoid Meaning

Noam Alon rearticulates Romeo Castellucci

Seven terms of theatre making and one short remark about inspiration

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Shipbuilding and Other Joint Efforts

Guy Gutman

The team of "Nomadic School" discusses the multiples dimensions of engagement and shared learning. 

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Tai Chi for Baboons

Rinat Kotler

It's too bad you're not listening because we're actually speaking about something interesting...

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Ignorant Schoolmaster, Dead Hare

Daphna Ben-Shaul

What makes pedagogy a performance and performance pedagogy?

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Initial Thoughts on Performopedagogy

Yonatan Levy

The pedagogic-artistic thought relates to the concrete as a pathway to finding the aesthetic in the ethical, the ethical in the aesthetic, and the truth in both.

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A Theatre of a Possible Now

Guy Gutman interviews Hélène Cixous

A conversation about writing, action, presence and influence.

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