Thinking an Old Practice Anew

Lior Avizoor & Ran Brown

The term Dramaturgy isn’t new to the field of performance, but it seems that present times beg us to rethink it, perhaps especially the way the role itself

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Practice of Re-Distribution

Noa Mark-Ofer

Bojana Bauer is a dance and performance theorist and a dramaturge. She received professional dance training in Belgrade and was a member of

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Re-Organizing Anew

Monica Gillette

My relationship to dramaturgy has been informed and developed while working actively in two separate fields. First, is a near life long experience with

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The terror of meaning in art

Hillel Kogan

Although it’s not very fashionable to talk about the maker’s intention, the maker still has one. Moreover, now that the questions in regards to the maker’s intention seem

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