About Maakaf

Maakaf is a journal dedicated to the discussion of various art forms taking place around performance, with an emphasis on art created in the gaps and interstices between different media. Maakaf aspires to create connections and bypasses between different scenes and communities in the local and international field, providing artists, writers, researchers and students a platform and a place for discussion. 

Maakaf wishes to allow room for thoughts and reflections that are inseparable from the creative process: during, while and after. To be a forum for thought and writing that elicit presence and involvement. According to this principle, Maakaf offers "food for thought", not criticism. Actions, not discussion. In this sense, Maakaf makes it possible to encircle, each time and for a moment, a different territory for wandering, in plural voices and varied perspectives. A space where alternative routes are no less the straight way. 

Maakaf operates within the School of Visual Theatre, seeing itself as an independent yet complementary action expressing the extended interdisciplinary vision led by the school, in favour of encouraging an artist community.