The School of Visual Theatre

The School of Visual Theatre was founded in Jerusalem in 1986 by a group of artists who play a major role in the cultural and ideological founding of an inter-disciplinary approach in art, offering an alternative to conventional ideas about creating art.

The school aims to train artists for whom inter-discipline, visual expression and their connection to performance constitute first and foremost a worldview. Hence the school aspires to expose its students to a multiplicity of artistic realms, believing that encountering a variety of skills enriches their creative language.

photo: Amit Mann

The school gives its students practical tools and theoretical knowledge in a wide spectrum of performing arts (theater, dance, puppetry, voice), visual arts (drawing, sculpture, space design, lighting), and the screen (video and animation), while encouraging them to venture into independent research and aspire to develop their own personal unique and innovative creative language. To this end, the school combines group study and personal tutoring that nurtures each individual according to their own needs and artistic leanings.

The school offers a 4-year curriculum that entitles its graduates to a final certificate recognized by the Israel Ministry of Education.

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